Student Committees

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The Placement Committee

The placement committee serves as an interface between the institute and the organizations. It is a student driven team, led by a faculty placement advisor.

The team organizes campus placements by inviting organizations to the campus for final and summer placements as well as for providing live projects to the students. The team also, coordinates between students and faculty to develop requisite skill set that meets the needs and expectations of the organizations.

The committee members play a key role in reaching out to potential recruiters and also to Alumni, in close coordination with Alumni committee.

Committee Members

Sreerag MC(Convenor)sreeragmc2020@dbe-du.org9562341391
Divyansh Singhdivyanshsingh2020@dbe-du.org8200369021
Purnima Varunpurnimavarun2020@dbe-du.org9871124929
Aakshit Nangaliaaakshitnangalia2020@dbe-du.org9051843762
Aman Dubeyamandubey2020@dbe-du.org9628025984
Simranpreet KaurSimranpreetkaur2020@dbe-du.org8264244531
Shubham VermaShubhamverma2020@dbe-du.org9971787376
Rishabh Jainrishabhjain2020@dbe-du.org9643616964

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yamini Gupt | Email


Alumni Relations and Cultural Committee

The committee organizes an Annual Alumni Meet called ‘Reminiscence’ and numerous mini-meetings throughout the year, where the alumni from all over India come together and spend a gala time with their peers and the faculty, reliving their days at DBE.

ALCOM also organizes Alumni Sports meet, Silver Jubilee meets, periodic luncheons and helps the Alumni to stay updated on different activities being conducted by the college. The committee maintains the Alumni portal, which is a common collaboration platform for the Alumni. The portal can be accessed from here.

Committee Members

Rajesh Patwal(Convenor)rajeshpatwal2020@dbe-du.org9560830251
Shweta shweta2020@dbe-du.org7838029365
Anjana Sainianjanasaini2020@dbe-du.org8571054499
Amol Issac Xalxoamolxalxo2020@dbe-du.org9990313855
Shashank Singhshashanksingh2020@dbe-du.org8707737519
Kartik Panwarkartikpanwar2020@dbe-du.org9999823943



Public Relations Committee

The role of the newly created Public Relations Committee is to promote the college's projects and activities as well as spread the word of its upcoming events. They also conduct various tie-ups with several sponsors namely, Business Standard and DUBeat. The PR committee is active throughout the year on all widely followed social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Committee Members

Abhishek Raj(Convenor)abhishekraj2020@dbe-du.org7355381997
Rohini Nimjerohininimje2020@dbe-du.org9891760265
Anshuman Mishraanshumaanmishra2020@dbe-du.org9555617555
Rishabh Guptarishabhgupta2020@dbe-du.org9760062470
Surya Kambojsuryakamboj2020@dbe-du.org7988009063
Tushar 9873103839


Corporate Communications Cell

The Corporate Communications Cell is the official link that connects the DBE community with the industry for all non-placement activities. It facilitates student interaction with the industry by opening up channels for communication. The cell aspires to invite industry leaders under its guest lecture series "PHILOMATHES" that culminates in interesting discussions between the students and industry magnates across a range of business topics.

It is also responsible for organising the flagship event of the Department, the Annual Convention. Right from conceptualizing the theme of the Convention to coordinating with the distinguished speakers. Under the guidance of a faculty member, the team seeks to organize an event which brings academicians, policy makers, industry experts and professionals together to share their views on some of the most important and thought- provoking topics pertaining to the current economic scenario. Their interaction with our students takes the process of knowledge exchange and enhancement outside the close confinement of the classroom and provides a platform for future managers to learn from the some of the best minds in our nation.

The annual publication of the Department "The Business Economist" is also launched on the occasion of the Annual convention, which features research papers and articles relevant to the convention theme. The journal is circulated among a large number of business houses, professionals, academicians and business schools.

Committee Members

Ujjawal Garg(Convenor)ujjawalgarg2020@dbe-du.org9643152085
Shubham Agarwalshubhamagarwal2020@dbe-du.org7549173995
Chinmay Sonichinmaysoni2020@dbe-du.org7389477360
Jatinder Sharmajatindersharma2020@dbe-du.org7503247764
Deepak Mdeepakm2020@dbe-du.org9971020158
Sneha Singhsnehasingh2020@dbe-du.org8802526744 8826385885
Rawnit Ghoshrawnitghosh2020@dbe-du.org8962474112