About Alumni

Department of Business Economics holds a special place in its heart for the students it catered since the moment it was born. For 43 years, the department has made managers, who have within themselves the mettle and potential to take on challenges of the present and the future. DBE is proud of its alumni base who are making a difference in innumerable business organizations, leading men and women with integrity and truthfulness with their profound skill sets and ability to learn and teach.

Interacting with the alumni has always been enriching for every DBEian, not only because they are successful and erudite but also because it makes us realize how wonderful this college has been to them and to us. They recall this grey building as the building of dreams, experience and vision.

Strengthening, promoting the originality, learning the charity and of course, Business Economics are a few things DBE made them absorb and appreciate. DBE has in every way impacted their lives and we are proud of it.